Aafloy, Emma Associate Director of Budget 575-835-5639 Budget and Analysis Brown Hall 114
Abdullah, Ahmed Groundskeeper FACMGT FCMGT
Ackley, Daryl Chief Technology Officer ICASA ICASA
Ackley, Lisa Cybersecurity Coordinator 575-835-5602 Cybersecurity Center - NMCCoE Cramer 132D
Ackley, Rafe Enrollment Specialist 575-835-5665 Admissions Fidel 207
Acosta Baquera, Maria Custodian 575-835-5533 FACMGT FACMGT
Adcock, Justin Finacial & System Analyst I Budget & Analysis Brown 114
Aerts, Kenny Business Operations Manager 575-835-5789 Business Operations Wells 109
Aguilar, Juan Network Specialist II ITC Gold
Aitbayev, Rakhim Associate Professor 575-835-5463 Math Weir 236
Alderete, Michael Irrigation & Spray Lead 575-835-5533 Golf Course Maintenance FACmGT
Algaraibeh, Sana'a Mahmoud Mohmmed Instructor 575-835-5194 Computer Science Cramer 226
Allen, Bruce Sr. Field Geologist 505-366-2531 Bureau of Geology ABQ Office
Altamirano, Manuel Test Range Operator II 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC 58
Altamirano, Myranda Data Entry Clerk FACMGT FACMGT
Altig, Jeff Associate Professor/Associate Department Chair 575-835-6987 Chemistry Lopez 224
Alvarado, Juan Custodian III 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Amaro, Alberto Groundskeeper/Irrigation Playas Playas
Amaro, Jennifer Administrative Specialist ICASA ICASA
Amosu, Adewale Post-Doc Research Specialist PRRC Kelly
Amouzegar, Dr. Mahyar President 575-835-5600 Office of the President Brown
Ampomah, William Asst Professor of Petroleum Engineer 575-835-5018 Petroleum MSEC
Ams, Mark Assistant Professor of Chemistry 575-835-5478 Chemistry Lopez 218
Andazola, Gregorio Maintenance Supervisor Playas Playas
Anderson, Michael Software Engineer ICASA ICASA
Anderson, Paul Pilot/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 575-835-5446 EMRTC/Training EMRTC Mettop
Androulakis, Vasileios Assistant Research Professor Mineral Engineering MSEC
Angel, Jeremiah Test Range Operator Trainee 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC 58
Apache, Connie Administrative Services Coordinator 575-835-5302 Bureau of Geology Bureau 201D
Apache, Janelle Financial Operations Manager 575-835-5642 Accounting Fidel 221
Apache, Liza Departmental Coordinator 575-835-5445 Communication, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Fitch 103
Apodaca, Bedelia Department Specialist 575-835-5500 Civil and Environmental Engineering MSEC 111
Apodaca, Jonathan Test Range Operator III 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Apodaca, Monika (Moni) Travel Analyst II 575-835-5297 Travel Office Wells 103
Apodaca, Sofia UBMS Coordinator
Apodaca, Theresa Instructor of Education 575-838-0505 CLASS Cramer
Apodaca, Timothy Mine Safety/Training Specialist Bureau of Mine Safety Workman
Aragon, Joseph Systems Admin/Software Engr 575-835-5196 EMRTC EMRTC 69D
Aragon, Kimberly Administrative Assistant 575-835-6937 Mechanical Engineering Wier 119
Aragon, Ray Test Range Operator II 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC 58
Aragon, Robert Police Officer 575-835-5434 Campus Police SAC
Arechiga, Rene Associate Professor 575-835-6881 Electrical Engineering Workman 211
Armendariz, Alexandria Administrative Coordinator 575-835-5559 Registrar's Office Fidel 285
Armendariz, Patricia Custodian Playas Playas
Armijo, Alicia Library Tech II 575-835-5024 Library Skeen 122A
Armijo, Chris Computer Systems Administrator 575-835-5171 Geology Bureau 334A
Armijo, Jordan Data Analyst Tech. I EMRTC EMRTC
Armijo, Kimberly Assistant Controller 575-835-5163 Business Operations Wells 121
Armijo, Laurel Human Resources Technician 575-835-6935 Human Resources Brown 118
Armijo, Natalie Sr. Public Safety Dispatcher/NCIC 575-835-5434 Campus Police SAC
Armitage Sichler, Stephanie Grants Manager and Contracts Sponsored Projects Administration Wells
Arnell, Kirsten Lead Engineer/Seismic Proj R&D 575-835-6939 IRIS/PASSCAL IRIS
Arnold, Jonathan Software Developer ICASA ICASA
Askin, Tyler GIS Cartographer/Illustrator 575-835-6358 Bureau of Geology Bureau of Geology 362A
Aulich, Graydon Research Scientist 575-835-5914 Langmuir Laboratory Workman 241
Austin, George Emeritus-Sr. Industrial Minerals Geologist Bureau of Geology
Avalos, Jose Custodian 575-835-5533 Custodial Service FACMGT
Avramidi, Ivan Professor 575-835-5838 Math Cramer 234
Avramidi, Valentina Associate Director of Finance 575-835-5232 Bureau of Geology Bureau 203A
Axen, Gary Adjunct Professor Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 344
Baca, Alyssa GIS Specialist 575-835-5627 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 339
Baca, Dustin Chem Lab Tech III 575-835-5416 Bureau of Geology Bureau 233C
Baca, Ernest Carpenter III 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Baer, Jacob Report Writer/ Trainer 575-835-5002 ITC Gold 211
Baeza, Jesus Lorenzo Groundskeeper 575-835-6963 Facilities Management Facilities 213
Baeza, Mikaela Greenhouse Supervisor 575-835-7219 Facilities Management Facilities 213
Bailey, Gayle Director of Sponsored Projects 575-835-5915 Sponsored Project Admin Wells 3
Baker, Charles Irrigation Tech I Facilities Management Facilities
Bakhtiyarov, Sayavur Professor 505-835-5343 Mechanical Engineering Weir 103
Balch, Robert Director 575-835-5305 PRRC Kelly 208
Ball, Steven Electric Power System Specialist II ICASA ICASA
Ballou, Lynda Instructor 575-835-5637 Math Weir 242
Bandara, Sampath Research Engineer Langmuir Lab Workman
Banks, Damian Major Gifts Officer 575-835-5125 Advancement & Alumni Relations Brown Hall 002D
Bantista, Elena IT Support Coordinator 575-835-5700 ITC Gold
Barela, Freddie Security Officer III Playas Playas
Barker, James Emeritus-Geologist, Perlite Specialist Bureau of Geology Bureau
Barnash, Samantha Campaign Manager Advancement Brown
Barstow, Noël Senior Staff Scientist/Lead Logistics 575-835-5077 IRIS/PASSCAL
Basu, Urbi Postdoctoral Fellow Seismology Bureau of Geology Bureau of Geology 338
Bauer, Paul Principal Geologist 575-835-5106 Bureau of Geology Bureau 327
Bauer, Sophie Assistant Director 575-835-5022 Center for Student Leadership and Engagement. Fidel
Baylis-Aguirre, Dana Post Doc Scholar MRO
Beaudoin, Bruce Director 575-835-5071 IRIS/PASSCAL IRIS
Begay, Melissa Director 575-835-5120 Physical Recreation/Student Activities Gym
Begnell Atencio, Lika STARBASE Teacher Southwest Innovation Alliance
Belmontez, David Test Range Operator Leadman 575-835-5027 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Benalil, Gaby Lecturer 575-835-5445 Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Science Fitch 104
Benalil, Nouraddine Mgr Systems Network/Industry Liaison 575-835-5812 PRRC Kelly 161
Benavidez, Angel Travel Specialist I 575-835-6309 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 92
Benavidez, Antonio Custodian Auxiliaries
Benavidez, Cheyenne R Admin. Secretary II 575-835-5345 Mineral Engineering MSEC
Benavidez, Lorenzo Mechanic Helper 575-835-5822 Facilities Management Facilities
Benavidez, Veronica Financial Aid Counselor 575-835-5623 Financial Aid Fidel 228
Benjay, Jeremiah Director Emergency Mgt/Patrol Sgt Campus Police SAC
Bhattacharjee, Arjak Assistant Professor 575-835-5920 Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Jones Hall 126
Bilek, Susan Professor of Geophysics 575-835-6510 Earth and Environmental Science MSEC 358
Bird, William "Brewster" Circulation/OSL Coordinator 575-835-5298 Library Skeen 116C
Blankenship, Brooke Event Technician Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Blankenship, Daniel Training Program Specialist 575-835-6369 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 74B
Bohling, Nancy Research Administrator 575-835-6619 Sponsored Projects Admin Wells 17
Bond, Robert Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering
Borchers, Brian Professor 575-835-5813 Math Weir 210
Bowden, Joy Accounting Technician 575-835-5670 EMRTC EMRTC
Bowden, Michael Electronic Microcircuit Engineer 575-835-5580 EMRTC EMRTC 73B
Boyar, Jessica Starbase Teacher Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Brandvold, Lynn Emeritus-Sr. Chemist Bureau of Geology Bureau 23A
Broadhead, Ron Emeritus- Principal Sr. Petroleum Geologist 575-835-5202 Bureau of Geology Bureau 336
Brock, Charles Student Research Intern ICASA ICASA
Brodie, Hailey Substitute Teacher Auxiliaries
Brown, Tanner Technician II Maker Hub Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Bunning, Chastity "Nicole" Financial & Administrative Manager 575-835-6000 Academic Affairs Brown 200A
Bunning, Frank Fleet Manager 575-835-5822 Facilities Management Facilities Garage
Bunning, John Test Range Operator Trainee EMRTC EMRTC
Bunning, Scott Associate Director Utilities System 575-835-5718 Facilities Management Facilities 216
Burke, Stephen Education Tech Writer Southwest Innovation Alliance
Burleigh, Thomas D. Professor, Co-Chair 575-835-5831 Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Jones 114
Burnett, Justin Supervisor/Industrial Shops 575-835-5947 EMRTC EMRTC Carp Shop
Bustamante, Cristian Test Range Operator Trainee 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC 58
Bustamante, Desiree Department Specialist 575-835-5229 Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Jones 159
Bustillos Heras, German Administrative Specialist II 575-835-5607 Office of the President Brown Hall
Bustos, Danue Hardware Specialist IRIS IRIS
Cadol, Dan Associate Professor of Hydrology 575-835-5645 Earth and Environmental Science MSEC 346
Campbell, Andy Adjunct Professor Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 332
Campus Police Key Office Key Office 575-835-5435 Campus Police
Campus Police Non-Emergency 575-835-5011 Campus Police Student Activity Center
Campus Police Emergency Emergency 575-835-5555 Campus Police
Campus Police EMRTC Control Point EMRTC Control Point 575-835-5186 Campus Police
Candelaria, Deirdre Training Program Spec/ Scheduler 575-835-5318 EMRTC/Training EMTRC 74A
Caraveo, Jesus Shop Helper EMRTC EMRTC
Carr, Shannon L Project Manager/AFRL Strategic Initia 505-846-4077 Southwest Innovation Alliance Kirkland Air Force Base
Carrejo, Darrin Test Range Gunner I 575-835-5056 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Carrico, Christian Associate Professor 575-835-5165 Civil & Environmental Engineering Jones Annex 119
Carrillo, Carlos Student Intern/Admin Secretary PRRC Kelly
Carrillo, Chyanne Administrative Specialist 575-835-5142 PRRC Kelly 206
Caruso, Donovan Research Engineer I 575-835-5354 EMRTC EMRTC 60
Casias, Twila Associate Director UBMS VP of Academic Affairs Fidel
Castillo, Moises Training Specialist 575-835-5316 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 80A
Cates, Anita Training Specialist/ Bus Driver 575-835-5291 EMRTC/Training EMRTC L21
Cather, Martha Indust Technology/Section Head 575-835-5685 PRRC Kelly 261
Cather, Steven Emeritus-Sr. Field Geologist 575-835-5153 Bureau of Geology Bureau 229
Center for Graduate Studies - Fax 575-835-5476 Center for Graduate Studies
Cervantes, Richard Vice President 575-835-5606 Administration and Finance Brown 220
Chamberlin, Richard Emeritus- Sr. Field Geologist 575-835-5310 Bureau of Geology Bureau 262
Chapin, Charles Emeritus-Director & State Geologist Bureau of Geology
Chapman, Jennifer Dean of Students 575-835-5548 Division of Student Life Fidel 236
Chavez, Aurelia Administrative Secretary I PRRC Kelly
Chavez, Carol Purchasing & Operations Mgr 575-835-6449 Facilities Management Facilities
Chavez, Casandra Manager of Training Business Op 575-835-6311 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 83
Chavez, Dana Coordinator 575-835-5688 Performing Arts Series Macey Center 321
Chavez, Donna Custodian Facilities Management Facilities
Chavez, Edmund Warehouse Lead/Property Control 575-835-5704 EMRTC EMRTC Warehouse
Chavez, Edward Custodian III 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Chavez, Gina Administrative Assistant to the VP of Research 575-835-5646 Office of Research Brown 200
Chavez, Greg Staff Scientist/Near Surface Specialist 575-835-6741 IRIS/PASSCAL
Chavez, Karen Graduate Specialist 575-835-5513 Center for Graduate Studies Fidel 275
Chavez, Kimberly Administrative Secretary I 575-835-5126 Computer Science and Engineering Cramer Hall 230
Chavez, Michael Custodial Supervisor 575-835-5075 Facilities Management Facilities 203
Chavez, Michael A. Manager Fabrication Lab 575-835-5543 Office of Research PRRC
Chavez, Miriam Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Chavez, Nathan Warehouse Supervisor 575-835-5367 Facilities Management Facilities 211
Chavez, Stephanie Multimedia Manager 575-835-5236 Advancement & Alumni Relations Brown 002A
Chavez, William Professor 575-835-5317 Mineral Engineering MSEC 284
Chen, Her-Yaun Associate Professor Petroleum Engineering MSEC 368
Cheromiah, Marianna Administrative Secretary I Auxiliaries Fidel
ChoGlueck, Christopher Assistant Professor Communication, Liberal Arts and Social Science Fitch
Choudhuri, Deep Asssitant Professor 575-835-5465 Materials Engineering Jones 116
Choudhury, Pabitra Associate Professor 575-835-5966 Chemical Engineering Jones 261
Chowdhury, Sanchari Associate Professor 575-835-5689 Chemical Engineering Jones 212
Christensen, Alina Substitute Teacher Auxiliaries
Christenson, Scott Hydrogeological Field Technician Bureau of Geology Bureau 361A
Clemens, Rebecca Manager/Database & Technical Editing 575-835-5292 Advancement & Alumni Relations Brown 002C
Cline, Max Electrician 575-835-5520 EMRTC EMRTC Warehouse
Clonch, Cameron Instrumentation Intern Langmuir Lab Jones
Cohen-Corticchiato, Denis Research Faculty Earth & Environmental Science MSEC
Coleman, Mikell Director of Research Compliance 575-418-7155 Office of Research Compliance and Safety ROB 116
Collister, Timothy Safety Officer 575-835-5644 EMRTC EMRTC 50
Condie, Kent Adjunct Professor Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 338
Connolly, Cynthia Manager Education Outreach 575-835-5264 Bureau of Geology Bureau 118
Cook, Wesley Associate Professor 575-835-5084 Civil & Environmental Engineering Jones Annex 133
Correa, Alejandra Administrative Secretary I 575-835-5412 Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering MSEC 300A
County, Erik Director of Business Processes 575-835-5984 Administration and Finance Brown 022
Cox, Christopher Water Data Specialist Bureau of Geology Bureau
Cox, David Director 575-835-5030 Library Skeen Library 205
Cox, Jay Ann Communications & PR Specialist 575-835-5260 Marketing & Communications Brown 020C
Coyte, Rachel Assistant Professor 575-835-5892 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 240
Creech-Eakman, Michelle Professor/Interferometer Project Specialist 575-835-5809 Physics/Magdalena Ridge Observatory MSEC
Crespin, Alexandria PGM Intern Auxiliaries
Crespin, Shanon Test Range Leadman 575-835-5663 EMRTC EMRTC 72
Crump, Iain Instructor 575-835-5621 Math Weir 230
Cruz, Rachel Instructor CLASS Cramer
Cuevas, Maria Lead Custodian PLAYAS Playas
Cyphers, Jenny Technical Director 575-835-5795 Auxiliaries Macey
Czarnota, Robert Research Associate III PRRC Kelly
Da Silva, Caitano Assistant Professor 575-835-5341 Physics/Langmuir Laboratory Workman 351
Dam, Lan Staff Scientist/Software Engineer 575-835-5074 IRIS/PASSCAL
Davis, J.D. Lead Mechanic 575-835-5255 EMRTC EMRTC Garage
Davis, Valerie Interim Director Cave & Karst 575-628-2702 NCKRI
De La Vega Rawson, Casey Software Developer ICASA ICASA
Dean, Joel Mgr Communications Service 575-835-7904 ITC Gold
DeBrine Howell, Elaine Dean For Student Success 575-835-5208 Division of Student Life Fidel 237
Decker, Logan ICASA Intern ICASA ICASA
DeConto, Nicholas ICASA Intern ICASA ICASA
DeCosta, Kristopher Manager of Accounts Payable & Travel 575-835-5845 Accounts Payable Wells 107
Dennis, Brandon Software Developer EMRTC/Training EMRTC
Dennis, Jessica Human Resources Coordinator 575-835-5370 Human Resources Brown 118
Despres, Laura Business Admin Specialist II 575-835-5061 EMRTC EMRTC 85
DeVeaux, Linda Professor/Co-Chair 575-835-5504 Biology Jones Annex 209
Devries, David Banner Report Writter 575-835-5700 ITCS
Dinwiddie, Hollis Instructor 575-835-5045 Mechanical Engineering Weir 210
Domschot, Lucinda Conference Coordinator 575-835-5700 Auxiliaries Macey
Donaldson, Gineva PRTC Intern PLAYAS PLAYAS
Donnelly, Gavin UAS Program Manager/SME EMRTC EMRTC
Donovan, Sharlene Pricipal Investigator EMRTC EMRTC
Dons Barham, Titia Articulation and Transfer Coordinator 575-835-5507 Office of the Registrar Fidel 285
Dotson, Rachel Research Program Manager ICASA ICASA
Dotson, Taylor Associate Professor 575-835-5211 Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Science Fitch 205
Dow, Colton Head Lifeguard Recreation & Wellbeing Center SAC
Doyle, Michael Vice President Research Brown 220
Duarte Bejarano, Veronica Custodian PLAYAS PLAYAS
Dudek, Matthew Enrollment Specialist 575-835-5523 Admissions Fidel 204
Dunn, Amy Map Production Coordinator 575-835-5501 Bureau of Geology Bureau 362C
Duval, Benjamin Associate Professor 575-835-5820 Biology Jones Annex 319
Edmister, Jonathan Painter Building Maintenance FACMGT
Edmonds, Jeff Plumbing & HVAC Manager 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Egan, Sasha Research Engineer II 575-835-5277 EMRTC EMRTC 52
Egert, George Sr Staff Scientist/Data & Seismometer Specialist 575-835-5099 IRIS/PASSCAL
Eggebrecht, Amanda Web Developer EMRTC/Training EMRTC
El-Kaseeh, Khadir Industry SVC Outreach Sec Head PRRC Kelly
El-Kaseeh, Nicole Outreach Specialist & Multimedia Editor PRRC Kelly
El-Osery, Aly Dean of Graduate Students 575-835-5481 Center for Graduate Studies Fidel
Elliott, Taffeta Associate Professor 575-835-5439 CLASS Fitch
Engler, Tom Professor Petroleum Engineering MSEC 386
Ericson, Daniel Research Scientist II 575-835-5125 ICASA ICASA 108
Esmaeilpour, Sajjad Instructor Petroleum Engineering MSEC 394
Estrada, Maria Architectual Designer 575-835-5527 Facilities Management Facilities
Estrada, Martin Groundskeeper 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Estrada, Nadine Accounting Clerk 575-835-5515 Accounting Fidel 221
Etscorn, Frank System & Network Engineer 575-835-5584 ICASA ICASA
Etsitty, Thomas Carpenter III 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Eveleth, Robert Emeritus- Sr. Mining Geologist 575-835-5325 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 156
Everhart, Caitlin STEM Outreach Specialist Southwest Innovation Alliance
Fahy, Daniel Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Managment FACMGMT
Fakhimi, Hamed Technology Specialist 575-835-5720 Center for Graduate Studies Fidel 275
Fan, Tianguang Research Scientist Sec Head II 575-835-5542 PRRC Kelly 222
Fan, Xiangpeng Research Scientist Langmuir Lab Workman
Fanning, Jacob Police Officer Campus Police SAC
Farnum, Robert Build Maint Assoc/ Pool Op Auxiliaries Swim Center
Farris, Allen Senior Software Specialist 575-835-6645 Magdalena Ridge Observatory Research Office Building 147
Ferreira Raiol Leal, Adonis Assistant Professor Physics Workman
Flores, Elias Research Scientist I ICASA ICASA
Flores, Maribel Accounts Payable Specialist I Accounts Payable/Travel Wells
Flores, Meliton Acting Assc Director Applied Research 575-835-5837 EMRTC EMRTC 53
Fonquergne, Jean-Lucien Research Associate III PRRC Kelly
Ford, Julie Professor 575-835-5468 Mechanical Engineering Weir 129B
Forsythe, Justin Cyber Kinetic Field Supervisor PLAYAS PLAYAS
Foster, Colleen Director for Advancement 575-835-5352 Advancement & Alumni Relations Brown Hall 001C
Frey, Bonnie Geochemist/Chemistry Lab Manager 575-835-5160 Bureau of Geology Bureau 233B
Fuierer, Hannelore School Age Teacher Auxiliaries Childcare Center
Fuierer, Paul Professor/Chair 575-835-5497 Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Jones 23
Gabor Da Silva, Agnieszka Student Support Coordinator Office for Student Learning Skeen
Gallant, Kyle Lab Tech Earth & Evironmental Science Bureau
Gallegos, Charles Industrial Safety Officer 575-835-5397 EMRTC EMRTC 68C
Gallegos, Lauris Safety & Security Suervisor Playas Playas
Gallegos, Matthew Executive Director SW Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Ganadenegro, Kalvest Building Maintenance 575-835-5533 Facilities Managment Facilities
Ganadonegro, Robin Custodian Custodial Service FACMGT
Gandara Vega, Flor Early Childhood Educator 575-835-5240 Children's Center Children's Center
Garcia, Adam Data & Telecom Installer Helper ITC ISD
Garcia, Alex Director of Capital Projects 575-835-5723 Campus Planning Wells
Garcia, Eric Communicatios Svcs Supervisor 575-835-7906 ITC Gold 233
Garcia, Esteban MakerHub Technician III SW Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Garcia, Gigi Student Accounts Specialist 575-835-5338 Student Accounts Fidel 231
Garcia, Gilbert Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Managment FACMGMT
Garcia, Jocelyn Property Admin Specialist II 575-835-6953 Property Control Property
Garcia, Joseph Groundskeeper/Irrigation Playas Playas
Garcia, Kiane Auxiliary Units Coordinator Auxiliaries Fidel
Garcia, Leonard Site Engineer 575-835-6199 PRRC Kelly 220
Gatto, Joseph Research Engineer III Mechanical Engineering Weir
Gautier, Angela Director, Counseling Services 575-835-6619 Counseling Services Fidel 152
George, Alex Research Scientist 575-835-5301 ICASA ICASA 110
Ghimire, Suraj Teaching Faculty 575-835-5742 Management Cramer
Ghosh, Ashok Associate Professor 575-835-5505 Mechanical Engineering Weir 118
Ghosh, Pritha Coordinator/Purchasing 575-835-5136 IRIS/PASSCAL IRIS
Gibson, Ashley Lead Assc Trade Compliance 575-835-5173 Library Skeen Library 112
Gino, Martha It Support Engineer/ Observing MRO MRO
Giron, Jesse Assistant Site Technician Langmuir Lab MRO
Giron, Maria Custodian III 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Giron, Melanie Project Coordinator MRO MRO
Giron, Pascual Bldg Maint Assc-Roof & Key Spc 575-835-5533 Locksmith/Keycontrol FACMGT
Goettsche, John Teaching Faculty 575-835-5817 Computer Science Cramer 225
Gold, McKenna Post Bachelor's Researcher ICASA ICASA
Gomez, Dolores Banner Report Writer 575-835-6306 ITC Gold 211A
Goncz, Kaarin Instructor/Teaching Lab Manager 575-835-5098 Biology Jones 221
Gonzales Jr., Aaron Network and Alarm Tech 575-835-5700 ITC Gold
Gonzales, Aaron Assistant Director/Building Maintenance and Carpentry 575-835-6169 Facilities Management Facilities
Gonzales, Alisa Account Payable Specialist II 575-835-5519 Accounts Payable Wells 111
Gonzales, Angie Associate Director of Human Resources 575-835-5643 Human Resources Brown 118
Gonzales, Ashlie Admin Coordinator 575-835-5352 Advancement & Alumni Relations Brown Hall 001
Gonzales, Avelino Sr. Client Support Tech ITC Gold
Gonzales, Jacqueline Senior Associate/Trade Compliance & Logistics 575-835-5560 IRIS/PASSCAL
Gonzales, Jessica Law Enforcement Tech Campus Police SAC
Gonzales, Jordan Post Bachelor's Researcher ICASA ICASA
Gonzales, Lawrence Building Maintenance Associate I 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Gonzales, Linda Business Operations Supervisor 575-835-5886 ITC Gold
Gonzales, Lydia Asssitant Director of Web and Graphic Developement 575-835-5721 Marketing and Communications Brown 020F
Gonzales, Michelle Post Office Coordinator 575-835-5119 Post Office Fidel
Gonzales, Patrick Building Maintenance Associate - Electrical 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Gonzales, Peter Research Engineer II 575-835-5159 EMRTC EMRTC 56
Gonzales, Sandra Business Admin Specialist 575-835-6777 Facilities Management Facilities 101
Gonzales, Shawn Preventative Maintenance Electrician 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Gonzalez Parra, Gilberto Associate Professor 575-835-5763 Math Weir 240
Gonzalez, Jose Director Academic Center for Technology Cramer
Goranson, David Instrumentation Supervisor 575-835-5041 EMRTC EMRTC 74D
Goret-Sanchez, Liza Business Administrative Specialist 575-835-5065 EMRTC EMRTC 4
Graham, Dustin Computer Maintenance/ Networking Manager 575-835-5700 ITC Gold 203
Graham, Linda Administrative Assistant II 575-835-5134 Registrar Fidel
Grain, Vanessa Chief Executive Assistant to the President 575-835-5600 Office of the President Brown 217
Greene, David Vice President for Student Life & Chief Diversity Officer 575-835-5880 Division of Student Life Fidel 242
Greenwood-Brawley, Michael Groundskeeper Ground Maintenance FACMGT Field
Greenwood, Tyler Test Range Operator Trainee 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC 58
Greschke, Robert (Bob) Senior Staff Scientist/Lead Field Applications Engineer 575-835-5799 IRIS/PASSCAL
Griego, Leslie Manager of Operations 575-835-5595 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 97
Griego, Tristan Security Officer Campus Police SAC
Grijalva, Clemente Director Golf Golf Shop
Grijalva, Sara Pre-Awards Negotiations Manager 575-835-5382 Sponsored Projects Admmin Wells 7
Guenthner, David Explosive Safety Officer 575-835-5573 EMRTC EMRTC 68D
Gundiler, Ibrahim Emeritus- Sr. Extractive Metallurgist Bureau of Geology
Gurule, Antonio Custodian Custodial Services FACMGT
Gutierrez-Anaya, Gloria Conference Service Director 575-835-6545 Macey and Fidel Center Macey 101
Gutierrez-Medina, Alejandra Administrative Specialist 575-835-5674 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 88
Gutierrez, Darin Assistant Golf Professional Golf Golf
Gutierrez, Estike Manager Training Education Lead Southwest Innovation AlliNCE
Gutierrez, Melanie Groundskeeper 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Gutierrez, Nowka Director 575-835-6652 Auxiliary Services Macey Center
Gysi, Alexander Assistant Professor 575-835-5754 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC
Haley, Joel Associate Director of Training 575-835-6677 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 95
Haley, Kyle Project Manager 575-835-5056 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 76B
Haley, Sindy Administrative Specialist II 575-835-5539 Marketing and Communications Brown Hall 020B
Hammonds, Stephen Principal Investigator EMRTC EMRTC
Han, Hannah Juan Research Scientist II 575-835-5452 Bureau of Geology Bureau
Hansen, Kristina Starbase Teacher Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Hanson, Haley Assistant Director for Graphic Design & Brand Management 575-835-5091 Marketing and Communications Brown 020D
Haque, Ahshanul Software Engineer I MRO Telescope MRO
Harb, Moustapha Asst. Professor of Civil Engineering 575-835-5592 Environmental Engineering MSEC 117
Hargather, Chelsey Associate Professor 575-835-5582 Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Jones 15
Hargather, Michael Professor 575-835-5326 Mechanical Engineering Weir 120
Harmon, Ronda Director-AFRL STEM Outreach Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Harrison, Bruce Department Chair 575-835-5864 Earth and Environmental Science MSEC 214
Harvey, Kent Senior Research Engineer 575-835-5705 EMRTC EMRTC 44
Hassanalian, Mostafa Associate Professor 575-835-6903 Mechanical Engineering Weir 208
Hatch, Ann MST & STEM Outreach Coordinator Science Teacher Training Fidel
Hatch, Jason Public Safety Officer Campus Police SAC
Haworth, Autumn Director 575-835-5240 Child Care Center
Hayhurst, Ian Instrumentation Engineer I 575-835-5174 EMRTC EMRTC 74D
Hayward, Elizabeth Department Specialist 575-835-5393 Math Weir 225
Hayward, Tristine Assistant Director of Auxiliary Services 575-835-5181 Auxiliary Fidel 251
Hebert, Jason Engineer III/Project Manager 575-835-5832 Facilities Management Facilities 202
Hefner, Chris State Mine Inspector 575-835-5458 Bureau of Mine Safety
Heizler, Lynn Lab Manager/Geochemist 575-835-5166 Bureau of Geology Bureau 139
Heizler, Matthew Assoc. Dir. For Labs, Sr. Geochronologist 575-835-5244 Bureau of Geology Bureau 227
Hellinger, Karen M. Curriculum Developer 575-835-5066 EMRTC EMRTC 90
Hernandez, Isidro Maintenance Associate Playas Playas
Herrera, Cindy Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Managment FACMGMT
Herrera, Denise AP Specialist III 575-835-5631 Accounts Payable Wells 111
Heyer, Devra Education Manager 575-689-6516 NCKRI
Hicks, Steven M. Director/Property Control 575-835-6410 Property Office Property Office
Hill, Robert Painter I Playas Playas
Hinojosa, Beatriz Administrative Secretary II 575-835-5533 Facilities Management FACMGT
Hobbs, Kevin Field Geologist-Surficial Map 575-835-6213 Bureau of Geology Bureau 360
Hobbs, Rachel Water Data Program Manager 575-835-5038 Bureau of Geology Bureau 357
Hoffman, Gretchen Principal Sr. Coal Geologist 575-835-6105 Bureau of Geology Bureau 260C
Hofner, Peter Professor 575-835-5233 Physics Workman 307
Holtz, Ricky Building Maintenance Assoc II Playas Playas
Holubowitch, Nicolas Asst Professor 575-835-5192 Chemistry Lopez 214
Horowitz, Barbara Publications Program Manager 575-835-5177 Bureau of Geology Bureau 335C
Horton, Alan Staff Scientist
Hossain, Anwar Professor/Department Chair 575-835-5135 Math Weir 222
Hosseini, Omid Staff Scientist/ Software Engineer IRIS IRIS
House, Elizabeth Conference & Theater Coordinator Auxiliaries Macey
Howell, Darrell Acting IT Manager 575-835-5314 EMRTC EMRTC 69C
Hunt, Hannah GIS Cartographer/ Illustrator 575-835-5613 Bureau if Geology Bureau 362D
Hunter, Eric Research Engineer III 575-835-5909 EMRTC EMRTC 46
Hunyady, Steven Instrumentation Engineer 505-450-3972 Langmuir Laboratory Workman 243
Hurtig, Nicole Assitant Professor 575-835-6354 Earth & Evironmental Science MSEC 310
Hutzler, Racine Donation & Endowments Specialist 575-835-5616 Advancement Brown 002B
Illescas, Patrick Research Program Manager ICASA ICASA
Ispirescu, Titus Research Scientist II ICASA ICASA
Israilova, Elmira Grants and Contracts Manager 575-835-5850 Sponsored Project Admin Wells 9
Iverson, Nels Geochemist-Microbeam Analyst 575-835-5319 Bureau of Geology Bureau 141
Jackson, Michael Professor, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs 575-835-5311 Physics, Academic Affairs Brown Hall 201A
Jannke, Samuel Staff Sci/Polar Project Field Engineer IRIS IRIS
Jaramillo, Christopher Building Maintenance Associate II 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Jaramillo, Ezrah Payroll Specialist 575-835-5510 Payroll Wells 113
Jaramillo, Jasmine Police Officer Campus Police SAC
Jaramillo, Rosa Human Resources Specialist 575-835-6962 Human Resources Brown 118
Jeffery, Clinton Professor/Department Chair 575-835-5549 Computer Science Cramer 230B
Jenkins, Donovan Software Developer ICASA ICASA
Jessen, Bethany Department Specialist 575-835-5263 Chemistry Lopez 115
Jessen, Roger Groundskeeper
Jiang, Ai Interim Associate Director 575-835-5057 Admin & Finance EMRTC 40
Johnson, Matthew Assistant Professor CLASS Cramer
Johnson, Patricia Security Officer Playas Playas
Jojola, Alfredo Security Officer Campus Police SAC
Jojola, Andrea R. Office Manager 575-835-6619 Counseling Services Fidel 150
Jojola, Desirae Laborer Facilities Management Facilities
Jones, Budge Ordnance Technician III 575-835-5454 EMRTC EMRTC Ordance
Jones, Daniel Assistant Professor 575-835-5049 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 314
Jones, Nicholas Software Developer ICASA ICASA
Jorgensen, Anders Professor 575-835-5450 Electrical Engineering Workman 227
Juarez, Heather Registrar 575-835-5133 Office of the Registrar Fidel 285
Kalish, Ronna Director 575-835-5688 Performing Arts Series Macey Center 321
Kalugin, Nikolai Professor 575-835-6508 Material Engineer Jones 165
Kappel, Theresa Director Student Access Services
Kasefang, David Network Systems Administrator 575-835-5249 Bureau of Geology Bureau 334B
Kaus, Annette Bursar 575-835-6453 Accounting Fidel 231
Kaus, Thomas Associate Registrar 575-835-5830 Office of the Registar Fidel 285
Kee, Trent Property Admin Specialist I Property Control Property
Kelley, Richard Sr Data & GIS Analyst Bureau of Geology BUREAU 361A
Kelley, Shari Sr. Geophysicist, Field Geologist 575-835-5306 Bureau of Geology Bureau 368
Kerfoot, Koreen Director Center for Leadership & Engagement Fidel 266
Kerr,Gilbert "Bert" Associate Professor 575-835-5428 Math Weir 244
Khandelwal, Megha STEM Director 575-835-5470 Chemistry Lopez 219
Khaniani, Hassan Research Scientist II PRRC Kelly
Kieft, Thomas L. Professor/Co-Chair 575-835-5321 Biology Jones Annex 301
Kimberley, Jamie Associate Professor 575-835-5036 Mechanical Engineering Weir 123
King, Ciera Hardware Specialist IRIS IRIS
King, Dianna Staff Scientist Polar Field Engineer IRIS IRIS
Kite, Bruce Internal Legal Cousel President's office Brown
Klarkowski, James Library Tech III 575-835-6600 Library Skeen Library 122A
Kludt, Trevor GIS Analyst 575-835-6669 Bureau of Geology Bureau
Knight, Andi Map Production Coordinator 575-835-5594 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 362B
Knight, Chris Networking Services Manager 575-835-5700 ITC Gold 219
Knowles, Amy Teaching Faculty 575-835-5602 Computer Science Cramer 231A
Koning, Daniel Sr. Field Geologist 575-835-6950 Geology BUREAU 358
Kramer-Simpson, Elisabeth Assistant Professor 575-835-6056 Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Science Fitch 114
Krehbiel, Paul R. Professor Emeritus 575-835-5215 Physics/Langmuir Laboratory
Krupnick, Jon Field Geologist 575-835-5151 Bureau of Geology BUREAU
Kucera, Ashley Custodian 575-835-5367 Facilities Managment Facilities
Kucera, WIlliam Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Managment Facilities
Kulas, Jonathan Computer Service Supervisor ITC Gold
Kuykendall, Stacy Environmental Engineer 575-835-5020 EMRTC EMRTC 57
Kyle, Phil Adjunct Professor 575-835-5995 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 312
Lackey, Eric Instructor English Cramer
Lam, Tyler Instrumentation Engineer I 575-835-5441 EMRTC EMRTC 74D
Land, Lewis Adjunct Karst Hydrogeologist 575-887-5508 Bureau of Geology/NCKRI
Landavazo, Patricia Director of Finance and Business Operations 575-835-5496 Research Brown 209
Landavazo, Selina Research Program Coordinator Research Brown
Langford, Daniel Subject Matter Expert EMRTC/Training
Lavery, Daniel Hydrogeologist 575-835-5308 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 353
Law, Jessica STARBASE Teacher
Le, Kien Staff Scientist/Software Engineer IRIS IRIS
Leary, Kate Assistant Professor 575-835-5404 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 242
Leary, Ryan Assistant Professor of Geology 575-835-6611 Earth and Environmental Science MSEC 348
Leclerc, Corey Professor/Dean of Engineering 575-835-5293 Chemical Engineering Jones 230
Lee, Diana Starbase Data Analyst Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Lee, Kooktae Associate Professor 575-835-5554 Mechanical Engineering Weir 105
Lee, Youngmin Assistant Professor 575-835-5184 Chemical Engineering Jones 224
Leo-Russel, Mark Database Adminstrator 575-835-5154 Bureau of Geology Bureau of Geology 334C
Leon-Villalobos, Blanca Coordinator Bureau of Geology BUREAU
Leon, Paulina Bureau Business Office Coordinator 575-835-6173 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 203B
LeProwse, Shelley Buyers & Accounts Payable Specialist ICASA ICASA
Lester, Brittany IT Specialist 575-835-5368 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 80A
Lester, Dustin Test Range Gunner I 575-835-5056 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Lewark, Amanda Activity Director 575-835-6356 Title V Speare 140
Lewis, Jacob IT System Analyst 575-835-5368 EMRTC EMRTC 69
Lewis, Jilayne Administrative Coordinator 575-835-6427 Campus Police SAC 110
Lewis, Lyndsey NDPC Consortium Liason 575-835-5062 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 93
Liebrock, Lorie Director 575-835-6729 Cybersecurity Center - NMCCoE Cramer 210B
Lim, Seok Bin Associate Professor 575-835-6589 Mechanical Engineering Weir 122
Lindner, Benjamin Tech II
Litherland, Mairi Manager, NMT Seismological Observatory 575-835-5921 Bureau of Geology Bureau 331
Lopez Carrillo, Carlos Assistant Professor Physics Workman
Lopez, Annabelle Petroleum Information Coordinator 575-835-5139 Bureau of Geology Bureau 164
Lopez, Kathryn Payroll Specialist EMRTC EMRTC
Lopez, Maria Travel Specialist 575-835-5285 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 91
Lopez, Markeisha Law Enforcement Tech Campus Police SAC
Lopez, Tonya CFNP 575-835-5094 Student Health Center Fidel 164
Loskamp, Lionel Maintenance Tech III MRO MRO
Love, David Emertius-Sr. Principal Environmental Geologist 575-835-5146 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 264
Love, Heidi Research Engineer I 575-835-5728 EMRTC EMRTC 55
Love, Michael Information Technology Manager 575-835-6742 IRIS/PASSCAL
Lucero Briggs, Desiree Special projects Coordinator II 575-835-5008 FACMGT FACMGT
Lucero, Alfred Pilot/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle EMRTC EMRTC
Lucero, Bernadette Administrative Secretary I 575-835-5725 EMRTC EMRTC 33
Lucero, Christopher Detective 575-835-6426 Campus Police
Lucero, Derek Machine Shop Student Intern EMRTC EMRTC
Lucero, Jade Buyer I 575-835-5833 Facilities Management Facilities
Lucero, Jason Lead Machinist 575-835-5713 EMRTC EMRTC Machine Shop
Lucero, Sandi Assistant Director 575-835-5618 Alumni Relations Brown Hall 006A
Lucero, Theresa Administrative Assistant to the Vice President 575-835-5606 Administration and Finance Brown 220B
Lueth, Virgil Emeritus-Sr Mineralogist 575-835-5140 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 213
Luis, James PostDoc Scholar MRO Telescope MRO
Lujan, Altagracia L. Administractive Secretary II 575-835-5328 Physics Workman 333
Lukesh, Wanda Custodian III 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Luna, Miguel Post Bachelor's Researcher ICASA ICASA
Lunceford, Dan Director 575-835-5961 ITC Gold 221
Ma, Shaojie "Jenny" AVPAF 575-835-5958 Administration and Finance 220
Maciag, Bryan Post Doc Computational Geochemist Bureau of Geology BUREAU 260A
Macias, Geronimo Product Development Engineer Mechanical Engineering Weir
Madduma Bandarage, Ujith Instructor 575-835-5007 Chemistry Lopez 221
Madigan, Patrick Machine Shop Manager Mechanical Engineering Weir 112
Maez, Kristine Project Director ICASA ICASA
Maez, Valerie International Student Services 575-835-5060 Center for Leadership & Engagement Fidel 262
Majkowski, Lisa Associate Director 575-835-6168 Purchasing Brown Hall
Majumdar, Bhaskar Professor 575-835-5152 Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Jones 104
Makarewicz, Eric Staff Scientist/Hardware Specialist 575-835-5102 IRIS/PASSCAL
Makhnin, Oleg Associate Professor 575-835-5110 Math Weir 238
Malone, Anthony Security Officer Campus Police SAC
Malone, Ken Senior Computer Systems Administrator 575-835-5700 ITC Gold 235
Maloney, Hayley Postal Clerk 575-835-5119 Post Office Fidel
Mamer, Ethan Hydrologist 575-835-5118 Bureau of Geology Bureau 361C
Manzano, David Director 575-835-6997 Governement Affairs
Mao, Minnie Instructor Physics Workman
Marquez, Lonnie Special Assistant to the VPAF 575-835-5606 Administration & Finance Brown 220
Marshall, Libbey Research Awards Specialist 575-835-6883 Sponsored Projects Admin. Wells 5
Marshall, William Instrumentation Tech I 575-835-5322 EMRTC EMRTC 74D
Marsyla, Carrie Director 575-835-5781 Cost Accounting and Reporting Wells 124
Martin, Kevin Sr Petroleum Geologist Bureau of Geology BUREAU
Martin, Luke Sr. Petroleum Geologist 575-835-5283 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 159B
Martinez-Diaz, Viviana Conference Coordinator 575-835-6513 Macey & Fidel Center Macey
Martinez, Alexandra Lifeguard Recreation & Wellbeing Center SAC
Martinez, Andrea Buyer II 575-835-6754 EMRTC EMRTC 4
Martinez, Darlene Visitor Control Clerk 575-835-5312 EMRTC EMRTC Visitor Control
Martinez, Jacob FabLabTechnician VP for Research Workman
Martinez, Peter Lead Classroom Technology Specialist 575-835-6688 Academic Center Technology Speare 108
Martinez, Raina Tech Transfer Specialist Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Masters, Sarah Staff Scientist/Software Engineer IRIS IRIS
Masterson, Cole Test Range Operator Trainee 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC 58
Mattern, John David Water Data Specialist Bureau of Geology BUREAU
Mayo, John Client Support Technician 575-835-5700 ITC Gold
Mazumdar, Subhasish Associate Professor 575-835-5288 Computer Science Cramer 231B
McCullough, Hayley Assistant Professor of English CLASS Fitch
McGovern, Noreen Groundskeeper Ground Maintenance FACMGT
McGovern, Noreen Data Analyst Tech I 575-835-6784 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 86
McIntosh, William Emeritus-Sr. Volcanologist, Geochronologist 575-835-5324 Bureau of Geology Bureau 137
McKenna, Jeriah Research Scientist ICASA ICASA
McLemore, Jim Instrument Tech Coordinator III 575-835-5409 PRRC Kelly 242
McLemore, Virginia Principal Sr. Economic Geologist 575-835-5521 Bureau of Geology Bureau 268
McMullen, Lauren Cyber Kinetic Environment Manager ICASA ICASA
McNamara, Kelsey Museum Curator 575-835-5418 Bureau of Geology Bureau 101A
McShannon, Judith Manager of Research Development 575-835-6940 Office of Research Brown 103
McVey, Debora Administrative Specialist 575-835-5460 Bureau of Mine Safety
Mead, Krystal Training Program Tech 575-835-5703 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 80A
Measel, Marcy Training Program Technician 575-835-5054 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 74C
Medcalf, David Data Analyst 575-835-5473 Office of the Registrar Fidel 285
Meier, David Associate Professor 575-835-5340 Physics Workman 359
Melton, Aubrea Payroll Specialist 575-835-5346 Payroll Wells 117
Mendoza, Luz Custodian Playas Playas
Mikhailova, Yulia Associate Professor 575-835-6141 Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Science Fitch 7
Miller, Kimela Chief Procurement Officer 575-835-5881 Purchasing Brown Hall
Miller, Phil GIS Service Program Manager 575-835-5487 Bureau of Geology Bureau 364
Miller, Pnina Senior Staff Scientist/Lead Logistics/Instrumentation 575-835-5331 IRIS/PASSCAL
Minnich, Jennifer ICASA Intern ICASA ICASA
Minschwaner, Kenneth R. Marv Wilkening Endowed Professor 575-835-5226 Physics Workman 313
Miramontes, Daniella STEM Academy Assistant Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Mojtabai, Navid Department Chair/Professor 575-835-5836 Mineral Engineering MSEC 294
Momeni, Hamed Instrument Control Software Engineer MRO Telescope MRO
Monte, Angel Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Montenegro, Lawrence Electronic Technician I Playas Playa
Montgomery, Robby Director 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities 113
Montoya Jr, David Test Range Operator II 575-835-5687 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Montoya, Brandon Test Range Operator Trainee 575-835-5687 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Montoya, Katelynn Infant Care Teacher Auxiliaries CCC
Montoya, Meradeth Assistant Director Purchasing Brown
Montoya, Nicole Circulation Assistant II 575-835-5173 Library Skeen 122A
Montoya, Patricia Custodian II 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Mooney, Cameron Sr. Admissions Advisor 575-835-6893 Admissions Fidel 204
Moore, Caitlin Administrative Secretary I 575-835-5167 Administration & Finance Brown 220
Moore, Stephany Institutional Researcher 575-835-5128 Office of the Registrar Fidel 285
Morales Juberias, Raul Associate Professor Physics Workman
Morales III, Nicolas Machinist 575-835-5713 EMRTC EMRTC Machine Shop
Morris, Isabel Assistant Professor 575-835-5275 Civil and Environmental Engineering Jones Annex 129
Morton, Christopher Hydrogeologist 575-835-6669 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 361B
Mostafanejad, Akram Sr Staff Scientist/Data Specialist 575-835-6620 IRIS/PASSCAL
Moten, LaDon Police Officer Campus Police SAC
Mozley, Peter EMERITUS Earth & Environmental Science MSEC peter.mozley
Murray, Mark Adjunct Professor Earth & Environmental Science MSEC
Murray, Rosemarie Banner Application Support Manager 575-835-5962 ITC Gold 217
Murtland, Tiffany Department Specialist 575-835-5330 Electrical Engineering Workman 215
Myers Ulibarri, Jaclyn Department Specialist 575-835-5634 Earth and Environmental Science MSEC 208
Myrkle, Jonathan Ordnance Tech III 575-835-5056 EMRTC EMRTC 76
Naliboff, John Assistant Professor 575-835-5924 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 356
Neves, Matthew Hardware Specialist IRIS IRIS
Newton, Brad Hydrogeologist Bureau if Geology BUREAU
Newton, Talon Hydrogeologist 575-835-6668 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 359
Newton, Tesla Test Engineer 575-835-5611 EMRTC EMRTC 41
Nguyen, Tan Associate Professor Petroleum Engineering MSEC 372
Nice, Jason Police Officer Campus Police SAC
Norris, Ryan Assistant Professor Physics Workman
Novak, Joseph Staff Scientist Hardware Engineer IRIS IRIS
Nunez, Kacee Experimental Machinist II 575-835-5713 EMRTC EMRTC Machine Shop
O'Malley, Curtis Assistant Professor 575-835-6631 Mechanical Engineering Weir 209
O'Sullivan, Sheila Policy Analyst & Training Specialist Research Workman
Odom, Valentino Special Security Officer/ Site Manager Research Playas
Olson, Jamie Instructor CLASS Fitch
Orizaga, Saulo Assistant Professor 575-835-5758 Mathematics Weir 228
Ortiz, Melissa Tech Transfer and Transition Ofcr Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Orum,Mindi Cost Accounting & Reporting Manager 575-835-5545 Cost Accounting & Reporting Wells 124
Osornio de Merino, Gloria Custodian Facilities Management Facilities
Otero, Germaine Financial Operations Manager Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Otero, Isaiah Carpenter I 575-835-5947 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Otero, Karissa RN 575-835-5094 Student Health Center Fidel 164
Otero, Mike Field Operations Manager 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC 58
Owen, Evan Economic Geologist Bureau of Geology BUREAU 266
Owen, Jodie Inventory Control Coordinator 575-835-5764 IRIS IRIS
Oxford, Hezekiah Administrative Secretary II 575-835-5133 Office of the Registrar Fidel 285
Oxford, Holland Sr. Admissions Advisor 575-835-5150 Admissions Fidel 208
Oxford, William Instructor Engineering Science Workman
Padilla, David Laborer Carpentry Maintenance FACMGT
Pargas, Ernest Administrative Secretary II 575-835-5156 Cost Accounting & Reporting Wells 124
Pargas, Mary Department Specialist 575-835-5424 Admission Fidel 203
Partridge, Joel Test Range Gunner II 575-835-5056 EMRTC EMRTC 76B
Patidar, Praveen Associate Professor 575-835-5168 Chemistry Lopez 210
Pauli, Chris Lab Manager & Instructor 575-835-5695 Electrical Engineering Workman 179
Payan, Joe Associate Director 575-835-5424 Admissions
Peralta Jr., James Accountant Supervisor 575-835-5867 EMRTC EMRTC 8
Peralta, Reynaldo Public Safety Dispatcher 575-835-5434 Campus Police
Perozek, Stephen Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Managment FACMGMT
Person, Mark Professor of Hydrology 575-835-6506 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 248
Petteway, Troy Ordnance Tech II 575-835-5056 EMRTC EMRTC
Phaiah, Barbara Associate Director 575-835-5532 Financial Aid Fidel 227
Phaiah, Peter Title IX Coordinator 575-835-5953 Division of Student Life Fidel 238
Phillips, Andrew Lab Technician II 575-835-5462 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 134
Phillips, Fred EMERITUS Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 250
Pias, Edward Instructor Class
Pias, Sally Associate Professor 575-835-6204 Chemistry Lopez 220
Pick-Roth, Wesley Post Bachelor's Researcher ICASA ICASA
Pine, Robert Hydrogeology Specialist Bureau of Geology BUREAU
Pineda Guadarrama, Juan de Dios Special Assistant Latin American VP for Research Brown
Pinnel, Mary Data Storytelling & Visual Specialist ICASA ICASA
Pino, Juan Site Operations & Facilities Coordinator 575-518-8077 Magdalena Ridge Observatory Research Office Building 162
Piyasena, Menake Associate Professor/Department Chair 575-835-6162 Chemistry Lopez 116/213
Plank, Max Sr. Tech Director, Sr. Systems Engineer, Research Scientist II 575-835-5935 ICASA ICASA 104
Pleva, Rubi Analytical Chemist 575835-5628 Chemistry Lab EMRTC
Pleva, Tom Chemistry Lab Manager 575-835-5348 Chemistry Lab EMRTC
Plowman, Rodney Driver Playas Playas
Portner, Daniel Assistant Professor Earth and Environmental Science MSEC 350
Pourpoint, Maeva Staff Scientist/ Software Engineer IRIS IRIS
Presley, Joel Test range Operator Trainee 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Price, Greer L. Emeritus-Director & State Geologist Bureau of Geology
Price, Seth Lab Associate 575-835-5395 Chemical Engineering Jones 202C
Prush, Veronica Assistant Professor 575-835-5414 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 346
Quinones, Vanessa Department Specialist 575-835-5612 Biology Jones Annex 219
Rahman, Md Sydur Chemistry Stockroom Lab Manager 575-835-5581 Chemistry Lopez 105
Rahnema, Hamid Assistant Professor Petroleum Engineering MSEC 398
Rajaonarison, Tahiry Post Doctoral Fellow Earth & Environmental Science MSEC
Rakovan, John Sr. Mineralogist/Mineral Museum Curator 575-835-7625 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 212
Ramos Diaz, Maria Custodian 575-835-5533 Custodial Services FACMGT
Ramyaa Associate Professor 575-835-5949 Computer Science Cramer 218
Raney, Jennifer Deputy Director PRRC Kelly raney,
Rawling, Geoffrey Sr. Field Geologist 505-366-2535 Bureau of Geology Bureau ABQ
Rawlings, Estefanita Tech Commercialization Coordinator Office of Innovation Commercial Speare
Raymond, David R. Research Professor 575-835-5610 Physics Workman 349
Razavi, Mohammad Associate Professor Mineral Engineering MSEC
Read, Adam Geologist, Webmaster, ABQ Office Manager 505-366-2533 Bureau of Geology Bureau ABQ
Record, Amy Seismic Analyst 575-835-5385 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 328
Reed, Chandra Technical Services Librarian 575-835-5535 Library Skeen Library 116C
Reed, John Golf Course & Grounds Manager 575-835-5124 Ground & Golf Course Facilities
Reichenbach, Joseph Instrumentation Tech III 575-835-5716 EMRTC EMRTC 74D
Reinow, Frank Associate Professor 575-835-5459 Business and Technology Management Cramer
Reiter, Marshall Emeritus-Principal Sr. Geophysicist Bureau of Geology Bureau 233A
Reusch, David Adjunct Professor Earth & Environmental Science MSEC
Reyes Correa, Martin Petroleum Geologist 575-835-5336 Bureau of Geology Bureau 162
Reyes, Raul Research Engineer II 575-835-5719 EMRTC EMRTC 54
Reynolds, Barbara Travel Analyst I 575-835-5213 Travel Office Wells 105
Ricci, Julia Research Scientist II 575-835-5217 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 133
Richardson, Clinton Department Chair/Professor 575-835-5467 Civil & Environmental Engineering Jones Annex 115
Rico, David Greehouse Tech 575-835-5533 Building Maintenance Facilities
Rinehart, Alex Assistant Professor 575-835-5067 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 244
Rios, Howard Custodian II 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Rison, William Research Scientist 575-835-5486 Electrical Engineering/Langmuir Laboratory Workman 251
Rivas, Stephanie Manager Administration & Finance ICASA
Roberts, Michelle Administrative Specialist 575-835-5701 EMRTC EMRTC 30
Roberts, Scott Outdoor Rec Coordinator/Climb Specialist Recreation & Wellbeing Center Gymnasium
Robles, Enrique Test Range Operator III 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Rodarte-Bautista, Javier Laborer
Rodeheffer, Dan Research Scientist 575-835-5423 Langmuir Laboratory Workman 246
Rodriguez-Flores, Fidencio Greenskeeper 575-835-5533 Golf Course FACMGT
Rodriguez, Alejandro Research Engineer I 575-835-5568 EMRTC EMRTC 43
Rodriguez, Brian Security Officer Campus Police SAC
Rodriguez, Sherry Compliance Analyst 575-835-5122 Business Operations Fidel 233
Rogelj, Snezna Professor/Chair 575-835-5608 Biology Jones Annex 315
Rogers, Daniel Staff Scientist/ Polar Field Engineer IRIS IRIS
Romero, Carlos Acting Director of PRTC 575-835-5675 Office of Research Brown 200
Romero, Antonette Postal Clerk 575-835-5119 Post Office Fidel
Romero, Chris Plumber Tradesman 575-835-5533 Electrical Maintenance Facilities
Romero, Greg Mechanic/Carpenter 575-835-5734 Bureau of Geology BUREAU Bldg. C
Romero, Maria Custodian III 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Romero, Mary Postal Clerk Post Office Fidel
Romero, Nicolas Laborer 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Romero, Van Vice President/COO 575-835-5431 Office of Special Research Brown
Roof, Morey Database Programmer & Administrator 575-835-5700 ITC Gold 223
Roof, Tammy Accounting Analyst 575-835-6954 Business Operations Wells 106
Rosenthal, Leslie Accounting Analyst 575-835-5575 Academic Affairs Brown 201
Ross Karakla, Talia Assoc Trade Compliance IRIS IRIS
Ross, Alexander Test Range Gunner I 575-835-5056 EMRTC EMRTC Field
Ross, Jake Data Intergration Manager 575-835-5081 Bureau of Geology Bureau 135
Ross, Rhiannon Events Coordinator 575-835-5860 Advancement Brown 06B
Rotman, Holly Staff Scientist/Data Specialist 575-835-6321 IRIS/PASSCAL
Rowe, Karl Lecturer-Humanities CLASS Fitch
Roy, Krishna Assistant Professor 575-835-5411 Electrical Engineering Workman 225
Royle, Kimberly Department Specialist 575-835-5442 Chemical Engineering Jones 259
Ruan, Tongjun "Roger" Research Engineer IV 575-835-5220 PRRC Kelly 218
Rubasinghege, Gayan Associate Professor 575-835-5129 Chemistry Lopez 222
Rueda, Juan Assistant Director of Hospitality & Events 575-835-5745 Macey & Fidel Center Macey 109
Ruiz, Soledad Office Specialist Playas Playas
Runyon, Shannon Senior Financial Analyst 575-835-5304 Budget & Analysis Brown 105
Ryan, Eileen Director - 2.4-meter Telescope 575-835-6803 Magdalena Ridge Observatory Research Office Building 156
Ryan, William Faculty Researcher 575-835-6646 Magdalena Ridge Observatory Research Office Building 160
Ryu, Donghyeon Associate Professor 575-835-5199 Mechanical Engineering Weir 129C
Saavedra, Georgia Early Education Teacher Auxiliaries CCC
Saavedra, Randy Director, Affirmative Action/EEOC 575-835-5005 Division of Student Life Fitch 215
Saenz, Amanda Assistant Director Recreaction & Well Being Gymnasium
Sais, Jonique Outreach & Marketing Specialist 575-835-5092 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 89
Saiz Jr, Bartolo Bldg Maint Assc-Roof & Key Specialist Building Maintenance FACMGT
Saiz Jr., Joe Building Maintenance Associate 575-835-5533 Facilities Management FACMGT
Saiz Jr, Robert Plumber Helper 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Salas, Richard Mechanic III 575-835-5255 EMRTC EMRTC Mechanic Shop
Salazar, Amanda STEM Outreach Specialist Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Salcido, Chris Interferometer Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer 575-835-6947 Magdalena Ridge Observatory Research Office Building 137
Salome, Joann Director 575-835-5955 Human Resources Brown 118
Samuels, Mark Associate Professor, Chair of Psychology, Education, and MST 575-835-5868 Psychology
Sanchez, Cecilia Assistant to Bursar 575-835-5399 Business Operations
Sanchez, Celeste Business Admin. Specialist 575-835-5295 Budget and Analysis Brown Hall 114
Sanchez, Darlene Lead Educator 575-835-5240 Children's Center Children's Center
Sanchez, Ethan Tech II Maker Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Sanchez, Hayley Financial Systems Analyst II IRIS IRIS
Sanchez, Liza Accounting Technician 575-835-5477 Facilities Management Facilities
Sanchez, Ramon "Russell" Project Manager II 575-835-5287 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 74C
Sandoval Donahue, Maria Water Data Specialist Bureau of Geology BUREAU
Sandoval, Ernesto Test Range Operator III 575-835-5686 EMRTC EMRTC 58
Santoro, Rafael Optomechanical Engineer MRO MRO
Savedra, John Carpenter I 575-835-5947 EMRTC EMRTC Carp Shop
Scarborough, Amanda Manager 575-835-5119 Post Office Fidel
Scarborough, Scott Chief of Police 575-835-5791 Campus Police SAC
Schofield, Ian Software Engineer II MRO Telescope MRO
Scholle, Peter Emeritus-Director & State Geologist Bureau of Geology Bureau 235
Scire, Alissa Senior Staff Scientist/Data Group Supervisor 575-835-5004 IRIS/PASSCAL
Scott, Rodrick Groundskeeper 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Sebek, Melinda Program Specialist ICASA ICASA
Seiser, Patricia Director Cave and Karst Management Science 303-969-2082 NCKRI
Sen, Payal Business Administrative Specialist 575-835-5800 Sponsored Projects Admin Wells 285
Senay, Seda Associate Professor 575-835-6800 Electrical Engineering Workman 219
Sentic, Stipo Postdoctoral Research Associate Physics
Sessions, Sharon Professor 575-835-5798 Physics Workman 353
Shao, Sihua Assistant Professor 575-835-5932 Electrical Engineering Workman 209
Sharbrough, Joel Assistant Professor 575-835-5347 Biology Jones 313
Shin, Dongwan Professor 575-835-6459 Computer Science Cramer 231B
Sholedice III, Franklin Publications Editor 575-835-6961 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 335B
Sierra-Castillo, Jesus Carpenter Leadman/ Welder 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Silva, Dominic Police Officer 575-835-5434 Campus Police SAC
Silva, Grabiel Technology Support Specialist 575-835-6688 Academic Center for Technology Speare 109
Silva, Larry Plumber Journeyman 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Silva, Shayla Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Silva, Timmy Plumber Journeyman 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities 209
Simmons, Jason Research Associate II PRRC Kelly
Simpson, Steve Professor 575-835-5149 Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Science Fitch 103/104
Smith, Francesca Buyer II 575-835-5066 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 91
Smith, Herbert Kyle Test Range Gunner I 575-835-5056 EMRTC EMRTC Ordnance
Smith, Maria Administrative Assistant II 575-835-5693 Mechanical Engineering Weir 119
Smith, Michael Director 575-835-5231 ICASA ICASA
Smith-Schmitz, Sarah Postdoctoral Experimenta Geochemist Bureau of Geology Bureau 260B
Sobers, Dallin Administrative Secretary I VP for Student Life Fidel
Soliman, Hamdy Professor 575-835-5170 Computer Science Cramer 211C
Somoza, Teresita Lead Custodian Playas Playas
Sonnenfeld, Richard Chair/Professor 575-838-7113 Physics/Langmuir Laboratory Workman 347
Sosa, Ramona Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Spaur, Sianin Argon Lab Associate 575-835-5324 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 137
Spinelli, Glenn Professor 575-835-6512 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 360
Spruill, Rebecca Asistant Professor for Creative & Fine Arts CLASS Fitch
Sriraphan, Nawalak Coordinator Auxiliaries Fidel 326
Stanford, Susan Staff Scientist/ Polar OPs & Log Manager IRIS IRIS
Stanley, Mark Sr. Research Specialist Langmuir Lab Workman
Stansfield, Tenise Intern ICASA ICASA
Steinhoff, Edith Administrative Secretary I Student Access Services
Stephens, Daniel Int Director Vp for Special Research Programs Brown
Stidstone, Sadie Administrative Secretary 575-835-5363 Academic Affairs Brown 200
Stone, William (Bill) Professor 575-835-5786 Math Weir 204
Stone, Zeljka Research Associate Professor Physics MSEC
Strain, Barry Driver Playas Playas
Strong, Bradley Assistant Manager 575-835-5453 Property & Recycling Property
Sturgis, Laila Aquifer Mapping Program Manager 575-835-5327 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 365
Sullivan, Jeremy Assistant Greenskeeper 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Sullivan, Melissa Preschool Teacher Auxiliaries CCC
Swanson, Robert Building Maintenance Associate Playas Playas
Szatmary, Peter Director 575-835-5620 Marketing and Communications Brown 020A
Tafoya, Noah Event Technician
Tafoya, Travis Law Enforcement Tech Southwest Innovation Alliance ABQTTG
Tafoya, William Special Technical Assistant 575-835-6305 EMRTC EMRTC 43
Tartis, Michaelann Professor/Chair 575-835-5761 Chemical Engineering Jones 210
Taylor, Brett Assistant Professor of Composition CLASS Fitch
Taylor, Hollis Jay Carpenter III 575-835-5947 EMRTC EMRTC Carp Shop
Taylor, Mary Explosives Chemist I 575-835-5348 EMRTC EMRTC Chem Lab
Taylor, Shawn Groundskeeper 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Teare, Scott W. Professor 575-835-5839 Electrical Engineering Workman 223
Tenorio, Dominic Research Program Manager 575-835-5921 ICSA ICASA
Terrazas Jr., Ramon Lead Groundskeeper 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Tevis, Leah Instructor/Coordinator Vp of Academic Affairs ABQADM
Thomas, Benjamin Hazmat/Lab Safety Specialist 575-517-0646 VP of Research Jones
Thomas, David Adjunct Professor 575-835-5113 Psychology Cramer 132D
Thomas, Valerie Research Compliance Officer 575-835-5749 Office for Research ROB 117
Thompson, Richard Associate Vice President 575-835-5944 Academic Affairs Brown 200B
Thompson, Stewart Assistant Processor 575-835-5009 Psychology Cramer 115
Tilton, Jennifer Grants & Contracts Manager Sponsored Projects Administration
Timmons, J. Michael Assoc Director for Map Prog/Deputy Director 575-835-5237 Bureau of Geology Bureau 201E
Timmons, Stacy Associate Director of Hydrogeology 575-835-6951 Bureau of Geology Bureau 367
Tirelli Prampolini, Tommaso Assistant Director for Residential Education VP for Student Life Fidel
Tomar, Myrriah Executive Director 575-835-5438 Office of Innovation Commercialization Cramer 118
Tong, Tran Anh Research Associate Petroleum MSEC
Torres, Darlene Procurement Assistant/Vendors 575-835-5885 Purchasing Brown
Torres, Felix Plumbing & HVAC 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Torres, Fernando Painter Building Maintenance FACMGT
Torres, Frank Painter II Carpentry Maintenance FACMGT
Torres, Kathy Payroll Manager 575-835-5510 Payroll Wells 119
Torres, Manuel Building Maintenance Supervisor & Heavy Equipment Operator 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Torres, William Theater Assistant Auxiliaries Fidel
Trevizo, Kassandra Accounting Clerk/Cashier 575-835-6454 Accounting Fidel 221
Trevizo, Leonel Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Management FACMGT
Trevizo, Vanessa Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Management FACMGT
Trivitt-Kracke, Amy Geological Archives Coordinator 575-835-5362 Bureau of Geology Bureau 160
Trujillo-Torres, Jessica Administrative Specialist 575-835-5558 Cybersecurity Center - NMCCoE Cramer 132B
Trujillo, Maureen Administrative & Outreach Coordinator Science Teacher Training Cramer
Trujillo, Robert Fire Safety/Roof/Key 575-835-5048 Facilities Management Facilities
Tsosie, Ranalda Assistant Professor Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 308
Tu, Jiawei Research Associate III PRRC Kelly
Tucker, Zak Security Officer Playas Playas
Tull, Melissa Controller 575-835-5374 Business Operations Wells 106A
Ulibarri, Jaclyn Myers Department Specialist 575-835-5634 Earth and Environmental Science MSEC 210
Ulibarri, Juliann Administrative Assistant to the Vice President 575-835-5880 Division of Student Life Fidel 242
Ulibarri, Richard Research Engineer III 575-835-6864 EMRTC EMRTC 51
Ulmer-Scholle, Dana Research Sciencetist V PRRC Kelly
Upshaw, Jared Pilot/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle EMRTC/Training EMRTC
Urban, David Training Program Specialist 575-835-6996 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 74A
Urban, Toni Industrial Security Specialist II VP for Research ICASA
Urrea, Hipolito Tange Operator/Maintainer II Playas Playas
Valdez, Bobbie RN 575-835-5094 Student Health Center Fidel 164
Valencia, Johnny Custodian III 575-835-5533 Custodial Services FACMGT
Valenzuela, Marco Instumentation Engineer 575-835-5082 EMRTC EMRTC 74D
Valles, Elizabeth Buyer II EMRTC EMRTC
Valles, Emma Shipping & Receiving Tech II 575-835-5547 Facilities Management Facilities
Valles, Lisa Buyer II 575-835-5793 EMRTC EMRTC 10
Van Landingham, Shay Lifeguard Rec & Wellbeing Center SAC
Van Wijk, Jolante Adjuct Professor Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 354
Van Winkle, Jayden Data Analust Tech I EMRTC EMRTC
Van Winkle, Megan Associate Director 575-835-5353 Advancement Brown 001B
VanBrocklin, John PRTC Intern Playas PLayas
VanHorn, Adam Preventative Maintenance Associate II 575-835-5533 Building Maintenance FACMGT
VanWinkle, Chris Project Manager II 575-835-5272 EMRTC/Training EMRTC 74C
Vargas, Jazmine Residential Life Coordinator of First Year Exp 575-835-5905 Student Life Fidel
Veitch, Stephen Staff Scienctist/Data Specialist IRIS IRIS
Vergara Frias, Carmen Custodian 575-835-5533 Custodial Services FACTMGT
Vergara Frias, Lucero Custodian 575-835-5533 Facilities Managment Facilities
Vigil, Ginese Community Education Coordinator/Veterans Ed Benefits 575-835-6581 Office of the Registrar Fidel 288
Vigil, Margaret (Deanie) Senior Accounting Clerk 575-835-5315 Business Operations Fidel 221
Vigil, Troy Asssitant Golf Professional Auxiliaries Golf Shop
Villagomez, Estevan Groundskeeper Facilities Managment Facilities
Villagomez, Roberto Publications Resource Specialist II 575-835-5376 Bureau of Geology BUREAU 102A
Vinyard, Clay Fleet Supervisor 575-835-6307 EMRTC/Training EMRTC L21
Wagg, Andrew Research Engineer I 575-835-6004 EMRTC EMRTC 67
Walker, Terry Deputy State Mine Inspector 575-835-6175 Bureau of Mine Safety BUREAU
Wang, Bixiang Associate Professor 575-835-5787 Math Weir 221
Wang, Haoying Associate Professor Business & Technology Management Speare
Wang, Sai Research Engineer PRRC Kelly
Warren, Curtis Canvas Administrator 575-835-5511 Academic Center for Technology Speare 107
Waters, Laura Assistant Professor 575-835-5585 Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 340
Watkins, Brianne Research Administrator 575-835-5674 Sponsored Projects Administration Wells
Wavrik, Kate Research Associate IV 575-835-5574 PRRC Kelly 230
Weaver, Katy Digital Graphic and Video Coordinator SWIA
Webb, Derry H. Senior Staff Scientist/Seismometer Specialist 575-835-6743 IRIS/PASSCAL
Weber, Stephanie STARBASE Teacher
Wei, Jane Summer Intern Cybersecurity
Wei, Rouke Operations & Database Associate Director PRRC Kelly
Wei, Tie Associate Professor 575-835-6764 Mechanical Engineering Weir 129A
Welch, Susan Adjunct Education Outreach Advisor Bureau of Geology Bureau
Wells, Douglas Professor Physics
Wendelken, John Internal Control Manager 575-835-5235 Accounting Fidel 216B
Wheeler, Brian Fleet & General Service Manager 575-835-5684 Bureau of Geology Bureau 170
Whitehorse, Byron J. Sr. Property Admin Specialist 575-835-5835 Property Office Property
Whitehorse, Lucinda Library Operations Coordinator 575-835-6504 Library Skeen Library 112
Whitehorse, Zoe Administrative Secretary I Student Access Services Fidel
Whitt, Brenda Publications Sales Office Manager 575-835-5145 Bureau of Geoloogy BUREAU 102B
Whitt, Larry Groundskeeper 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Wieczorek, Sharon Assistant Cook Auxiliaries Golf Shop
Wilkins, Benjamin Assistant Manager 575-835-5203 Payroll Wells 115
Wilkinson, Stephen Leacturer-Biology Biology
Wilks, Maureen Emeritus-Sr. Geologist/Head of Archives & Collections Bureau of Geology Bureau
Wilson, Claudia Associate Professor 575-835-6458 Civil & Environmental Engineering Jones Annex 135
Wilson, John EMERITUS Earth & Environmental Science MSEC 254
Winn, William P. Professor Emeritus 575-835-5503 Physics/Langmuir Laboratory Workman 341
Wolford, Todd Lecturer 575-835-5788 Math Weir 246
Woodard, Mason SEM Lab Coordinator 575-835-5384 Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Jones Hall 163
Wright, Dennis Painter Leadman 575-835-5533 Facilities Management Facilities
Yates, Jessie Financial Aid Counselor 575-835-5533 Financial Aid Fidel 222
Yoo, Hyunsang Postdoctoral Fellow Petroleum MSEC
Young, Lisa M. Professor 575-835-5104 Physics Workman 363
Yu, Jianjia Assistant Professor 575-835-5278 Chemical Engineering Jones 264
Zagrai, Andrei Professor 575-835-5636 Mechanical Engineering Weir 124
Zagrai, Elena Water Programs Admin Coordinator 575-835-5753 Buearu of Geology BUREAU 203
Zamora, Andrew Mechanic II 575-835-5822 Facilities Management Facilities
Zhang, Guoyin Research Scientist/Section Head 575-835-5721 PRRC Kelly 256
Zhang, Jiakai Assistant Professor 575-835-6452 Management Cramer
Zhang, Mingji Associate Professor 575-835-5190 Math Weir 223
Zhang, Yifan Student Intern/Lab Assistant PRRC PRRC
Zheng, Jun Professor 575-835-6182 Computer Science Cramer 211
Zimmerer, Matthew Geologic Mapping Program Manager 575-835-5114 Bureau of Geology Bureau 329
Zimmerly, Ann Industrial Security Specialist I VP for Research Brown
Zow, William Ordnance Tech III 575-835-5056 EMRTC EMRTC Field